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+380 (63) 400-71-71
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Компания Formag Group как агент линии UASC
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About Global Сontainer Service

Global container service: equipment and services for container transportation

«Global container service» — Ukrainian market leader in service and sales refrigerated containers, marine shipping equipment. We have assembled a team of specialists, established a network of partnerships and created our own developed infrastructure. 
Our goal — help you develop your business in the field of container transportation, provide it with technical solutions, the necessary service and equipment. We work so that you can optimize costs, increase efficiency, make your business more technically and financially flexible. 
Cooperating with Global container service (GCS), you You get reliance on 9 years of experience of the company's technical experts, a large selection of functional products that meet the requirements for reliability and durability. We also give a quality guarantee for all equipment and work performed.  

Sale of all types of shipping containers and related equipment 

Thanks to In cooperation with the world's leading sellers and equipment manufacturers, we have formed a wide range of containers of all types.
On the GCS website you can:

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  • Buy a sea container. In our catalog there are a large number of models of containers for sea transportation from leading manufacturers. 






  • Buy a refrigerated container . We offer equipment for the transport of products and goods that require special temperature conditions. 






  • Tank containers. Here you will find a large selection of tanks for the transport of liquids and ha sour substances. All models meet the strictest technical requirements for safety and durability.    






  • Jensets for refrigerated containers. Mounted diesel generators for refrigerated containers — an indispensable element of equipment for logistics. We offer a wide range of models of different capacities for sale and for rent. 



    «GCS» provides a contract of sale, a customs declaration, a tax invoice, an invoice, an invoice, an individual card for a refrigerated container, a customs declaration and a PTI unloading file.
    You can not only buy, but also rent all types of equipment presented in our catalog. GCS specialists will help you choose the best technical solutions and organize the delivery, installation and maintenance of equipment if necessary. 

    Professional service for all types of containers and related equipment

    Technical specialists of the company carry out service maintenance and repairs.  We provide reliable working equipment. The list includes everything from various types and sizes of refrigerated containers and spare parts for them to additional equipment. GSC offers products from reputable manufacturers such as Carrier, StarCool, Daikin and ThermoKing. 
    In addition, GCS — official dealer in Ukraine of StarCool and Daikin companies. Refrigerators with experience from 7 to 30 years work for us. Our qualified specialists guarantee customers stable operation of any refrigeration equipment. 
    We GCS supplies both new and used equipment.
    All installations from the second category have a minimum operating hours. We always check the equipment for serviceability before selling or renting it. 

    Infrastructure for servicing containers: terminals and maintenance sites

    GCS has its own service terminals in several regions of Ukraine. Specialists serve the company's clients in the Odessa region, in the Dnepropetrovsk region, in the Kharkov region. We also work in the Kiev region. 
    The company provides services to clients from all over Ukraine. 
    On the territory of the terminals, our technical specialists on their own capacities of the company repair and service refrigerated containers. We also connect refrigerated containers, arrange equipment rental. It is also possible to rent refrigerated containers at sites under customs control. 

    Professional service, sale and rental of containers in Odessa and in Ukraine 

    GCS — a leading provider of equipment and services for container shipping. Contact us to get the best solution for your tasks and finances. 
    We will become a reliable technical partner for your business.