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ZESTIA –is a new model of reefer unit for Daikin reefer container, which is designed to reduce operating costs. If to speak about reliability, this model perfectly keeps low temperature for a long time. It provides energy efficiency during cooling and freezing. If you compare the ZESTIA unit with its predecessor LXE10E, the average weighted ratio is 60% and 40%: the cargo is cooled at temperatures ranging from -9.9 to +30 degrees in the mode from -30 to -10. In terms of innovations, ZESTIA has a stabilizer and a DC inverter. The patented DC motor is a key component of the Daikin inverter. It is used for maximum efficiency. It generates high torque at a large number of rotating speeds without slipping. This allows the maximum reduction of power consumption at sufficiently low frequencies for long periods of use.

The second DAIKIN innovation in ZESTIA is an electric motor fan with an improved aerodynamic shape of the evaporator and variable speed. It is worth mentioning the new controller, which has a rather simple control system (with direct keyboard). In addition, it is equipped with a 7-inch liquid crystal screen. The unit is equipped with the latest DECOS V software, a USB connector and many other functions that make life much easier for the average user. In other respects, the ZESTIA model is similar to the LXE10E. Daikin Zastia uses a DC inverter, which stands out for its reliability and quality in today's market. The operation of the reefer unit depends primarily of the compressor, which is driven by the motor. It rotates at the speed of the frequency to be determined.
The inverter system controls the speed of the compressor by changing the frequency of the power supply and provides precise temperature control with low power consumption. Thanks to the improved motor efficiency at all speeds, energy-saving operation is ensured. With good energy saving performance and temperature control, the products maintain quality during transport.