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QUEST: lowering electricity usage

Figure: changing QUEST reefer container's temperature if the software is on 

Изменение потребления электроэнергии рефконтейнеров при установленном программном обеспечении QUEST

QUEST software was designed to lower the plant's electricity usage, if the temperature is between -1 and +30 °C (30 and 86°F). It will be maintained by adjusting the ventilation evaporator's speed and the compressor's running time. If Tsup temperature scenario is between -1 and +15 °C (30 and 59°F), the value may deviate by -2 to +1 °C (28 and 34°F) from the desired temperature scenario. If Tsup is between +15 and +30 °C (30 to 86°F), the value may deviate by -4 to +1 °C (25 to 34 °F). This also depends on the selected value. If necessary, you can switch off QUEST manually. To turn it back on, use arrows to select O02 QUEST and press enter. Then press AUTO and the power-saving function will be on. The turning-off procedure is as simple. Just select the option OFF. Please note the value O02. If it shows nothing it means that the software is not installed. Global Container Service guarantees effective operation of quest software. The software follows the algorithm and parameters specified in the manual.

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