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Container type


Quite often, it is necessary to transport cargo, the transportation of which can be carried out only subject to a certain temperature mode.Reefers are used for this purpose.That is a special tare that is equipped with a special refrigeration unit that maintains a temperature in the range from -25 to +25 degrees.Inside, the refrigerator is thermally insulated and consists of aluminum filled with polyurethane foam.Reefers are often made in Japan and Korea.
The reefer unit maintains a certain temperature inside the constraction,and due to its low thermal conductivity it is possible to use it as a thermos,without running refrigeration mode.Recognized leaders in the manufacture of reefer units are such companies as Carrier Transcold and ThermoKing.The work of the container is as follows: the air flow of the set temperature goes inside the construction from the reefer unit at the floor level, goes further along the whole container, rises on the ceiling of the construction and returns to the reefer unit. During this circulation, the air is cooled or heated depending on the necessary conditions of cargo safety, the outer space of the container housing is heated.This helps to maintain the required moisture and temperature levels that are optimal for the selected storage mode.
The reefer consists of two main units: a refrigeration unit and a construction body.The construction body is covered with sandwich panels on the supporting metal frame, and the floor is made of durable aluminum profile, which allows you to use the warehouse forklift for loading and unloading cargo.Reefer doors are also made of sandwich panels,which are made of high-quality polyurethane foam.Doors are seal the body construction with cargo area.The reefer unit uses the control unit to maintain the required temperature, monitor air humidity, and record all kinds of malfunctions.The popularity of this type of containers is growing every year, more and more entrepreneurs use reefers in their business, because their advantages are obvious and undeniable:
1. Such container can store cargo that require special temperature conditions and can also be transported without special equipment.
2.Reefers can operate in different modes, turning into a refrigerated warehouse or freezer if necessary. It is also possible to create greenhouse conditions inside the container, which are suitable for storing and transporting exotic fruit and seedlings.
3. There are usually no problems when using containers, as no special knowledge is required from the consumer.
4. Convenient and reliable containers at an affordable price. A wide range of prices allows you to choose the right model.
Global Container Service LTD was founded after rebranding of the famous Refholod company. Now the company successfully operates on the international market, selling, renting and repairing reefers. The company carries out service, sale of necessary spare parts, 24-hour monitoring of containers in any part of the world, as well as conducting training seminars on the operation of reefers and providing the opportunity to get advice from top-class specialists. Global Container Service LTD guarantees international service and compliance with all environmental standards.