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Reefer containers

Reefer Container Sale 
Global Container Service successfully operates in the international market, selling, renting and repairing reefer containers. We carry out service, sale of necessary spare parts, round-the-clock monitoring of containers in any part of the world, and also we hold training seminars on reefer containers operation and give the chance to receive consultations from high-class experts. Our representations in various cities of Ukraine, such as Odessa, Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr, will make purchase and delivery of a reefer more comfortable and faster.
Each client who has made the purchase of reefer equipment in the company "Global container service" gets the right to ownership, regardless of whether he is a private person or represents a large company. Our company provides refrigerating equipment of high quality together with all necessary documentation. After purchasing the refrigeration equipment, Global Container Service provides its clients with a user manual which greatly simplifies the work. Also you can track your container with the help of online services presented on our website. Many container lines have their own such service.
Reefer Containers for Rent.
We provide the opportunity to rent containers with and without mortgage, under certain conditions. We can offer our clients the lease of reef containers on the protected territory of the company or on their territory. Our specialists will assist in installation, maintenance of a refcontainer during the whole lease period, organization of delivery of a refcontainer purchased from us. We cooperate with reliable carriers, who will deliver the order from our warehouse to the place specified by you without stopping and unnecessary overloads for urgent delivery. All advantages of working with us you can see, having familiarized with the commercial offer of company GCS.
Reefer units from the best manufacturers.
GCS company sells reefer container refrigeration units from such manufacturers as Carrier, Daikin, Thermo King and StarCool. All units have been fully diagnosed and confirmed by a PTI unloading file. The units available for sale will fit any of your reefer containers. You can entrust the service and repair of this equipment to our qualified specialists, who have been trained in specialized centers of manufacturers. Global Container Service is one of the largest independent mobile service companies providing PTI for reefer containers in Ukraine. You can order PTI by contacting our company.
Refrigerated Container Spare Parts
In GCS company you can buy any spare parts for reefer containers from manufacturers Carrier, ThermoKing, Daikin, StarCool. High level of service and optimal prices. We have in stock new original spare parts and used parts. You can buy spare parts for reefer containers by calling our service - manager +380 (63) 101-28-28. 
Service for refrigeration equipment for refrigerated containers. 
The company's service department is focused on reducing customers' costs for servicing reefer containers. "Global Container Service" represents a complex of services which will get rid of malfunctions and problems connected with refrigerating equipment operation. You can also contact our company for troubleshooting and filling with freon. You will avoid unnecessary problems and get a 100% guarantee of system performance. We carry out technical repair work in all areas of refrigeration equipment. Our refmechanics with long-term experience and profile education in this sphere will quickly reveal and eliminate faults.
Constuction body maitanance for reefer containers
Our company provides constuction body works on repair and refurbishment of containers of any complexity. Special equipment, high-class specialists trained in the leading European depot of HHLA holding, as well as certification for compliance with the standards of constuction body maintanance from the world inspection and certification company Bureau Veritas is a guarantee of our competence.
 Reefer container repair and operation training
We are grateful to our partners and to all companies that have contributed to the development of our capabilities and still do so. We have received the long-awaited ISO9001:2015 certificates and strive to carry the knowledge into the masses, confidently stepping in step with the development of temperature cargo transportation. Our task is to update the equipment for practical classes, to make changes in the theoretical part, and to provide our students with the most modern and up-to-date information to help them during their work.
The main difference of the company "Global container service" is the quality of products and the provision of official guarantees and certificates for reefer containers, as well as all types of services: rental, sale and service of various models. Each client who has got a reefer container, will be given customs declarations and the legal papers confirming purchase and guarantee obligations.
What is a reefer container?
  • ✔️This is a container, equipped with a refrigeration unit. Serves for transportation and storage of temperature-sensitive goods.
Which reefer container is better?
  • ✔️ It is believed that the younger the container, the better it is. But it's not always the case. When choosing a reefer container, you should not get hung up on a specific year of production. Here you need to look at the condition of the reefer container, carefully examining it.
Which manufacturer of reefer containers to choose?
  • ✔️ Carrier
  • Manufactured in the USA. They are popular in the CIS, so there will be no problems with finding spare parts and service technicians. Reliable compressor operation, exclusion of freon leakage (due to the lack of flange connections).
  • ✔️ Thermo King
  • Manufactured in the USA. Refrigeration units of two types - freon and gas. It is thanks to the use of 404 gas that the installation can lower the temperature to -30 degrees. There will also be no problems with spare parts and service, but it will cost a little more than Carrier.
  • ✔️ Daikin
  • Made in Japan, they are highly reliable. Defrosting is faster due to the use of warm gas from the compressor, and not with heating elements like other manufacturers.
  • ✔️ Starcool
  • Manufactured in Denmark. Robust case, excellent ventilation system. Due to the design features of the hull, the carrying capacity is increased by 100 kg. Has the function of variable humidity. We are official dealers of world manufacturers of refrigerated containers and provide a guarantee.
Where to buy a reefer container?
  • ✔️️ The company "Global Container Service" offers its customers a huge catalog of reefer containers of various models and years of production from the leading manufacturers Carrier, Thermoking, Daikin, Starcool in different cities of Ukraine. It is possible to provide containers for export. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the best option for you..