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Marine containers are able to ensure the safety of your cargo and withstand heavy loads that fall on its hull during transportation. Carelessness, accidents, weather conditions - all these conditions affect the integrity of the container and its ability to continue to perform its function. This results in further expenses for its owner.
Many breakdowns of shipping containers can be cheaper for their owners if the failed parts are replaced in time. This section contains spare parts for containers. All spare parts have corresponding certificates.

Spare parts for dry cargo shipping containers: 

  • rubber compressor
  • fitting 
  • roof panels
  • Door hinges
  • racks
  • wall sheets 
  • end walls
  • locking mechanisms
  • doors
  • frame 
  • keepers and more.
Spare parts meet the technical requirements for shipping containers and are made in accordance with international standards. Locking devices, keepers, hinges, roofs - spare parts for 20ft and 40ft dry cargo containers, which most often are damaged and need to be replaced. All spare parts for dry cargo containers, as well as spare parts for refrigerated containers, are in our catalog. We can order the necessary parts for you if they are not in stock at the moment.
Benefits of working with us:
1. We offer both new and used parts, so you can purchase a part on a chosen preferable terms and location. 
2. New spare parts are supplied with the necessary documents and certificates.
3. Help with the delivery of spare parts by transport companies across the world.
4. Our specialists will offer spare parts for replace, eliminate corrosion, impact marks and holes on the body, perform welding and painting.
Leave a request on the website if you know the necessary spare part in our catalog and we will call you back.
You can also contact us in any convenient way if you need specific equipment and spare parts. Our experts will be happy to advise you further.