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Large companies such as DAIKIN, which produce reefers and dry bulk containers, have as their primary goal the preservation of temperature conditions. DAIKIN's state-of-the-art LXE10E refrigeration equipment is designed for the transport and handling of perishable products and chemical cargo. The refrigerator meets all standards and holds a leading position in the market.
Characteristics of DAIKIN LXE:
1.     The internal temperature of the refrigerated container HIGHTCOBE is 30 degrees, and the external temperature is +50 degrees;
2.     Powerful cooling capacity;
3.     It is possible to create an accurate microclimate inside the refrigeration equipment;
4.     Due to temperature adjustment, the refrigerated container is provided by the software product, which controls the energy consumption;
5.     Refrigerated container works perfectly at sharp change of temperature conditions;
6.     Inside there is an ecological refrigerant;
7.     Inexpensive technical service;
8.     Operative supply of hot air at fast defrosting of the system;
9.     It is possible to upgrade the entire structure if necessary.
For the modern model LXE10E from Daikin, which meets the highest requirements, the production of components ensures maximum quality. Thanks to the installed control system, parts that have not been tested are not allowed to be assembled and installed. The refrigeration equipment is subject to excessive requirements. This has resulted in the development of a scroll type compressor, which is installed in the LXE10E model. The stable operation of the cooling system ensures high performance, reliability and durability.  The system works automatically and without external interference.
If you use Daikin cooling equipment for cargo storage and transportation, you automatically get an opportunity to save electric energy consumption. LXE10E refrigeration unit creates optimal conditions for cargo storage and cooling thanks to its unique control system. During transport, the temperature changes inside the reefer container are monitored. The system makes adjustments when necessary. It allows the fan speed to be adjusted to ensure favourable temperature conditions for moisture-containing goods. Temperature control makes it possible to change the direction of air flow force and, consequently, allows to keep the cargo in proper condition. This saves a lot on electric energy costs.
The LXE10E refrigerator control system has a wide variety of settings required for specific cargo types. Once the required temperature level has been reached, the system maintains the required mode. In case of need for freezing, the operation of the refrigerating unit is optimized. When the container is outside at a temperature of +50, it reaches up to - 29 degrees inside. 
What makes the LXE10E from DAIKIN the leader? First of all, there is a lot of feedback from the refrigerator container operators. Secondly, quality and reliability. Thirdly, rather low cost of spare parts gives advantage over competitors engaged in sales of refrigerating equipment.
LXE10E unit testing results:
- +2 ° C / +38 º C: 10600 W;
-18 º C / +38 º C: 6300 W;
-29 º C / +38 º C: 4000 W.