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More than 100 refrigerated containers in stock on our base!

Global Container Service has received over 100 reefer containers from leading manufacturers Daikin, ThermoKing, Carrier and StarCool. On our base, we have assembled equipment of different years of manufacture from 1998 to 2004, which is completely ready for work. You can also buy custom containers of later years of production. If you do not have enough funds now, you can rent refrigerated containers, 20 or 40 feet in size. They perfectly store vegetables, fruits, fish, meat products, ice cream, delicacies and other perishable products that require a certain temperature level.
For all the time, the specialists-refmechanics of the GCS company have a vast experience of work, from 7 to 30 years. Honesty is the main criterion of our work. Coming to us for the purchase of a refrigerator, the client will receive a quality guarantee. We do not submit "partial works". Each refrigerated truck sold by us has passed a full diagnostics and has an unload file confirming the PTI operation. The containers delivered to our base are manufactured in the USA. You can order them here by filling out a special form on our website.

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