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Clip-on Gensets by Carrier and Thermo King

Clip-on Gensets Sale

Global Container Service is the official dealer of Carrier and Thermo King clip-on gensets manufacturers, as well as the owner of one of the largest park of clip-on gensets in CIS countries. We offer new and refurbished clip-on gensets for reefer containers directly from our warehouse. Clip-on gensets of any year of manufacture are available and under the order anywhere in the world. There are more than 200 clip-on gensets available. Each clip-on genset has passed the full cycle of recovery from replacing equipment in the type of filters and oil to cleaning fuel tanks and painting.
Here you can find a description of each clip-on genset with a photo, as well as a video of the start. Each clip-on genset has gone through a multistage recovery cycle and is fully operational. Also company Global Container Service offers new and refurbish original spare parts for clip-on gensets at available prices with warranty. You can check the availability of spare parts from a manager by phone +38093 080 35 35.
Rent of clip-on gensets

Global Container Service Ltd offers the service of rentingclip-on gensets for companies carrying out transportation of temperature cargoes in reefer containers by means of road and railroad communications. The clip-on genset is used as a source of electricity for reefer containers during the transportation of  low temperature cargoes. The clip-on genset is installed directly on the reefer container, which ensures its autonomous operation without electricity connection.
Service of clip-on gensets
Global Container Service provides service for clip-on genset owners.
When providing clip-on genset repair services, our specialists work only according to the standards recommended by the leading manufacturers (Thermo King, Carrier), which include the use of original spare parts and calculation of the optimal repair time. New and serviced original parts are available at affordable prices with a warranty.
Management of clip-on gensets
We provide services for companies owning clip-on gensets
1.Storage of clip-on gensets in a dry warehouse.
2. Installation/dismantling of clip-on gensets on your request
3. Control of fuel consumption and spent motorhours
4. Refueling of clip-on gensets
5. Pre-check of clip-on gensets
6. Oil filter replacement as part of the cost of PFR 
7. Technical support throughout the lease 24/7
8. Providing full reporting on each trip.
After signing the contract, we provide a full package of documents for the clip-on genset. The warranty is provided for 1 month, as well as post-warranty service on the terms of mutual benefit. The democratic prices for our customers and flexible system of discounts for regular customers.
How much does jenset weigh?
  • ✔️The weight of an empty jenset (without fuel) can vary from 850 kg to 1050 kg, depending on the manufacturer and the year of production.
How many liters are in the jenset's tank?
  • ✔️ The volume of the tank of the mounted diesel generator is from 473 to 492 liters, depending on the brand.
What is the fuel consumption of jenset?
  • ✔️ A clip-on diesel generator spends from 2 to 5 liters of fuel per hour, depending on the brand and condition of the jenset. The average consumption is 3.5 liters per hour.
What is the power of a jenset?
  • ✔️️ The rated power of the clip-on diesel generator is 15 kW.
Where to buy a jenset clip-on diesel generator?
  • ✔️ The Global Container Service company owns the largest jensetive park in Ukraine. Go to the catalog of clip-on diesel generators for reefer containers to choose the model that suits you.