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Remote monitoring of refrigerated containers and jensets from Global Container Service

NEW on the Ukrainian market - Remote monitoring modem from the Global Container Service company.
Remote Monitoring from GCS is a remote communication tool designed for reefer containers and outboard diesel generators. It is a combination of industry standard communications with wireless long distance data transmission and tracking technology.
When it is not possible to install a local monitoring system, our system will redirect all incidents, such as accidents, power outages / resumes as they occur, to the global monitoring service.
And also monitoring from GCS will provide the transfer of a complete set of data at specified time intervals to the global monitoring service. Bluetooth interface that allows quick and painless updating of the container software over a wireless network, as well as data collection or data transfer to another container. Each container equipped with a monitoring system from GCS is able to send information on its conditions or accidents to local monitoring systems. or a global service.
In addition to monitoring, this system can be used to remotely control various capabilities of the ref container, including firmware updates, temperature changes, PTI testing or defrosting.
GCS monitoring has several advantages such as:
  1. Complete transparency of the cooling process
  2. Improved disposal of condensate in a container
  3. Reducing risks from potential damage to cargo
  4. Reduced maintenance costs by eliminating local inspections
  5. Provides the ability to monitor the current state of the refrigerated container and track on ships, warehouses and land transportation.
  6. Centralized remote control of operator conditions, alarms, events, settings and positions
  7. Autonomous battery for operations with de-energized container
  8. Compatible with refrigerated containers of any manufacturer and year of manufacture
  9. Refrigerated container temperature notifications
  10. Refrigerated cargo control solution detects temperature fluctuations - connected generator required
  11. When connected to a refrigerated container, it sends commands to activate the generator
  12. Reports data from the generator set
  13. Cost-effective hardware solution with low power consumption and long service life
  14. Its small form factor and flexible design makes it ideal for generator sets.
  15. Supports serial integration to smart generators as well as analog / digital sensors for standard generator sets.
Monitoring equipment device:
  • Robust industrial IP 67 format
  • Built-in cellular, BLE and GPS antennas
  • Industrial Global LTE / 3G / 2G SIM Card with Optimal Cellular Operator
  • BLE capability for local wireless connectivity to chassis ID and diagnostics
  • Lithium battery ... 120 days of power reporting
  • Accelerometer and motion detector
  • Firmware updates over the air for the device
  • Serial port with intelligent controller
  • Interface
  • Analog and digital I / O
  • Direct reporting of fuel gauge
  1. Minimizing unforeseen events such as container hacking, burglary, travel delays
  2. Accident notification and prediction
  3. Control of the set temperature regime of the container
  4. Control of all indicators of the container (humidity, temperature, O2 and CO2)
  5. Optimization of actions with a reefer container with a reduced risk of human error
  6. Saving energy due to the relevance of the updated software of the ref container, which initiates the operation of the ref container in the most efficient energy saving mode
  7. Track and monitor your refrigerated container in real time - anytime, anywhere
  8. Prompt notification via EMAIL / SMS
  9. Possibility of built-in tracking module for positioning and geographic location on land
  10. Bluetooth interface for quick software updates wirelessly or downloading new software
  11. ISO 10368 Power Line interface for compatible local monitoring systems
  12. Digital optional port for door opening
  13. Control service - measuring the speed of reaching the desired temperature regime
  14. Timely notification of all critical situations or pre-emergency conditions
  15. Setting up automatic notifications and full reporting for a given period of time
  16. Logging of all events occurring with the refrigerated container
  17. Painless software update
  18. The simplest WAM installation due to the fact that all ref containers are prepared for remote monitoring
Monitoring device requirements from GCS:
  • The device will have a serial connection to the refrigerator via a 5-pin connector.
  • All protocols are required to collect data
  • One or two digital connections
  • Fuel sensor
  • Analog connections with sensors for other devices
  • Turn on / off
Below you will find a list of problems that GCS monitoring will help to solve:
  • Continuous monitoring, prevention of accidents and pre-emergency situations
  • Guaranteed control of the conscientious maintenance of the equipment by involved third-party masters.
  • Instant notification of all significant changes (for example - Notifications about temperature violations, power outages, etc.)
  • Optimization of energy costs
  • Remote start of PTI test
  • Remote container management
  • Reducing the cost of "HANDLING" goods
  • Resolving disputes with suppliers of perishable products