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+380 (63) 040-25-25
Genset rent manager:
+380 (63) 400-71-71
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+380 (63) 101-28-28
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Container storage

Our company GCS Ltd, provides services in storage of dry and reefer containers for line companies. We carry out a full spectrum of services connected with storage, service and connection to a power network of reefer containers. The terminal can hold more than 80 units of 40 foot containers. Receiving and delivery of containers is performed from Mo-Fr from 8:00 to 20:00, and also on Saturdays from 8:00 to 17:00. By prior request, terminal operating time is 24/7. Our territory is guarded round the clock and equipped with video monitoring cameras, which ensures 100% safety of containers. Easy access by truck transport, to be able to provide the PTI. Our company provides the service of connecting the reefer containers to the power supply network, with the ability to monitor the work of containers 24 hours a day. The terminal provides the possibility of one-time connection of more than 30 reef containers (380 V). Each socket has its own electric meter, which allows you to connect a reefer container with a temperature load and keep track of electricity consumption for each connection separately. At our terminal qualified personnel works, the terminal is equipped with a  crane with a forklift, it allows you to quickly provide quality services.