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Today, ThermoKing Magnum has overtaken all its competitors due to its high performance. Among them are the ability to produce temperatures from -35 degrees and above, uninterrupted operation at +50 degrees, reliability and easy maintenance. ThermoKing Magnum maintains a minimum temperature for a long time regardless of operating conditions.

ThermoKing has taken into account all the wishes of its customers: the new Magnum unit guarantees 100% safety of your cargo. The refrigeration unit has the highest freezing capacity. As a rule, refrigerated containers are often exposed to extreme climatic conditions. Because of this, they let in 3-5% more heat annually. If you compare the ThermoKing Magnum refrigeration unit with competitors, it is impossible not to say that this is the only unit that has the ability to store cargo at low temperature while the temperature is +50 degrees outside. No refrigeration system can cope with such a task.

ThermoKing Magnum has a high cooling capacity, which guarantees the safety of products during transportation. The unit has a simple ergonomic design. It fits perfectly into the overall design of the refrigerated container and is easy to maintain. Provides uptime for a long time.

ThermoKing Magnum saves on maintenance costs and reduces energy consumption. Proof of this is 15 years of successful operation of the refrigerated container at a temperature of -29 degrees. ThermoKing Magnum not only creates more favorable operating conditions, but also reduces the cost of restoring the chambers, thanks to which the transportation of frozen and temperature cargo is carried out.

The Magnum refrigeration unit from Thermo King has the most reliable and proven scroll compressor made of aluminum steel. This is a special development of Thermo King - the largest manufacturer in the world of scroll compressors. They are able to work even in the most adverse environmental conditions. Therefore, refrigeration units sold by the Global container service company have a worthy reputation and are considered the most reliable in the market of refrigerated equipment.

It is worth noting the large carrying capacity. The main advantage of the MAGNUM unit is that it can carry 25% more cargo than its counterparts. The undoubted advantage is the low power consumption. In a series of tests, it was revealed that ThermoKing Magnum is able to consume less energy by 30 percent than its predecessors and competitors. First of all, this is a saving for you! Magnum has the lowest OKEP indicators, which is also an important factor.