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Commercial offer for reefer containers

Company Global Container Service Ltd offers for sale reefer containers of different manufacturers and production years in different ports of the world.  
Reefer container is a refrigeration-heating unit built into the container, specially designed for transportation and storage of fresh and frozen cargo at all temperatures and climatic conditions.
All our reefer containers:
  •  -Brought from other countries and not operated in Ukraine 
  •  -are carefully pre-trained to diagnose the geometry of possible damages.
  •  -are tested for strength and tightness of the construction body
  •  -undergo a complete diagnosis of the operation of the reefer unit electronic control system
  • - full verification of the refrigeration system performance 
  •  -officially cleared by custums
  • - all reefers have cards with dimensional, weight and serial numbers. 
  •  -all reefer containers are equipped with the latest version of the software, which saves energy and extends the motor resource of the compressor, as well as the new version has an extended list of possible errors, which allows   to identify more accurately the cause of failure of the container  
By cooperating with us, you get:
  1. A reefer after a full pre-sale diagnosis, and ready to go. 
  2. Reefer container with the latest software installed, allowing you to save energy and extend the motor resource of the compressor
  3. Full service support
  4. 1 year warranty on mechanical parts of the compressor and the controller 
  5. Customs declaration in printed form printed with our seal, which guarantees that it is officially imported into the territory of Ukraine 
  6. A reefer container with full diagnostics, which is confirmed by uploading a full PTI file (PTI is the start of a program that tests all the nodes of the container unit and produces the test results upon completion) 
  7. Free loading of reefer on the truck. 
  8. Full set of documents on the ownership of the container you purchased.