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commercial proposal Renting Reefer containers

GCS – It is our Company that specializes in the sales and service of refrigerated containers.



The priority direction of our activities is providing our customers with high-quality and reliable equipment of world brands such as Carrier, Thermo King, Daikin and Starcool.



The refrigerated container is a refrigerating and heating unit; it is built in the container that is specially designed for the transportation and storage of fresh and frozen products around the world in all temperatures and weather conditions.


Any refrigerated container has a power unit, which is located in the butt end of the container body.

Such a refrigerated container operates from 3-phase electric mains (380 V / 50 Hz), and its power consumption depends on the weather season and the specified temperature requirements (from 4 to 6 kW).

Modern refrigerated containers have an electronic control unit that allows you to set and automatically maintain the temperature and air humidity; to specify the frequency of defrost cycle; to monitor the operation of the main aggregates and fix their failure or malfunction.



/ Inscriptions on the figure:/


Temperature control

Atmospheric monitoring

Humidity control

Overall control



Refrigerators are to be purchased for storage and transportation of products, which requires maintaining a certain temperature: fat-and-oil products, meat and fish products, sausage, yogurt, milk, beer, wine, chocolate, vegetables, fruits, and others. Today, the most renowned companies in the production and sales of refrigerators are the following companies:









The design of refrigerated containers

Refrigerated containers (refrigerators) have two (2) main building blocks:

1. Refrigerated body.

2. Refrigerating unit.

The refrigerated container body consists of carrying frame and polyurethane foam sandwich panels with the outer coating of duralumin sheet (being 2.0 mm thick) and the inner coating of profiled stainless steel sheet (being 0.6 mm thick). The floor of the refrigerated containers is made from the T-shaped aluminum profile with the strength, designed for use of conventional warehouse load-transfer device in the processing of the goods.

The doors are made of the same polyurethane sandwich panels as the container body and equipped with special locks that allow sealing the freight compartment of the container.

The refrigerating unit is placed in the end-butt of the container body and automatically maintains specified temperature range from 30 ° C to - 30 ° C inside the container; it is powered by a 3-phase electric mains with a voltage of 380 / 460 V and a frequency of 50 Hz.

The electronic control unit allows you to set and automatically maintain temperature and air humidity; to specify the frequency of defrost cycle; to monitor the operation of the main aggregates and fix their failure or malfunction. It is now possible to purchase refrigerators, mainly working with refrigerant ("Freon") "К-134А".



The operating principle of the refrigerated container

The airflow with a controlled temperature is fed from the refrigeration unit inside the container at the floor level, and then runs along the T-shaped floor profiles; at the end of the container it rises along the doors to the ceiling and along the ceiling is again returning to the refrigerating unit. During its circulation, the air, depending on your settings, heats or cools the internal volume of the refrigerated container, thereby providing temperature and air humidity required to maintain the established mode of storage of the goods.



The 20- and 40-foot models of the containers are the most widespread.

Since the refrigerated containers serve long enough, because they are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, there is no reason to buy an expensive new container, while the used containers are are much cheaper and not much different from the new ones.

Nowadays, In our time, the sales of used refrigerated containers in Ukraine is quite a common theme, as Ukraine has access to the sea and a very well developed railway network. Therefore, it is more advisable to buy a container, so as not to pay the rent for stationary warehouses, which are not always suitable for small and medium entrepreneurs.

On the Internet, the ads are increasingly sparkling of the type: A used refrigerated container is for sale. Does this mean that this container is to be sold because of its poor condition or due to other factors that prevent its normal operation? Undoubtedly, there are scammers trying to sell you a bad product, but the majority of sellers of such goods are motivated in a completely different manner. The most common cause of sale of goods is there uselessness for its owner. But if you cannot determine the condition of the container, it is advisable to seek help from professionals who will clearly explain you both how much a refrigerated container has served and what was stored therein as well as will give you information about how much longer the container would serve.

The refrigerated containers have found application in all industries. Almost all large, medium and small companies use them to store their products as well as for fast and reliable transportation. Our containers are helping many businesses and can help you too!



Technical specifications

20 ft.

40 ft.

40 ft.
High Cube

45 ft.

High Cube

External dimensions of refrigerated containers:




Length (mm):

6 058

12 192

12 192

13 692

Width (mm):

2 438

2 438

2 438

2 438

Height (mm):

2 591

2 591

2 895

2 895

Internal dimensions of refrigerated containers:




Length (mm):

5 513

11 638

11 658

13 158

Width (mm):

2 284

2 282

2 282

2 282

Height (mm):

2 269

2 252

2 557

2 557

The internal volume (cubic meters):

28 30

56 60

67 68

75 76

Weight parameters of refrigerated containers:




Net weight (kg):

3 050

4 500 5 000

4 800

4 970

Maximum carrying capacity (kg):

21 950

27 990

27 790

25 510

Maximum total weight (kg):

25 000

32 500

32 500

30 480

Refrigerating capacity

at the temperature of -150 С

(in kcal / h):

8 300 – 9 700


8 300 – 9 700


Heating capacity

(in kcal / h):

4 200 4 400


4 200 – 4 400


Electric power consumption

(in kWh):

9,1 – 9,9 (kW / h)






К409а; К134а (the temperature of boiling is equal to -29°С)


Average daily electric energy consumption
at the temperature of surrounding environment of + 35° С (in the storage mode)

5.8 (kW / h)

Power supply:

380 / 440 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz / 60 Hz

The temperature range:

from -30° С to +30° С



1. Main technical characteristics :

The temperature range : from -25° С to + 25° С.

The thermal insulation : polyurethane foam 86 – 147 mm.

The mode of operation : automatic.

The power supply : 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph / 440 V, 60 Hz, 3 ph.

The inner casing : food grade stainless steel.

2. The refrigerated containers are provided a warranty.

3. An instruction manual for using is provided in Russian.

ONLY the refrigerated containers from “REFHOLOD” are capable:

To maintain your DEMANDING FREIGHT.



Our advantages:

All refrigerated containers undergo compulsory pre-sale preparation.

All refrigerated containers are provided a warranty.

All refrigerated containers are customs-cleared and we provide a customs declaration in paper.

Any of our refrigerated containers has the latest software installed, which allows to short power consumption and prolong the service life of the compressor.

All refrigerated containers undergo a complete diagnosis, which is confirmed by uploading files about carrying out the PTI.

We value our reputation.

Five good reasons what for you should buy a refrigerated container !

The ease of use and ease of maintenance;

The versatility in using: the temperature range of refrigerated containers is from -25° С to +25° С;

The efficiency in energy consumption;

The high mobility – you are not tied to any particular place; if necessary, you can easily transport the refrigerated containers to another site;

When buying a refrigerated container, you save yourself from the risk of loss of your funds, as it goes in the case of investments in stationary warehouses. Due to their versatility, reliability and capability to operate in a wide temperature range, the containers always remain in demand in the market of refrigeration equipment and virtually don’t lose their value over the years.


The GCS Company offers to rent refrigerated containers for thermal storage.

A refrigerated container is a refrigerated warehouse with the refrigerant temperature control range from -25° C / + 25° C, in which you can store goods requiring temperature control, such as:

 - Fish and sea products;

- Meat, poultry;

- Vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms;

- Dairy products;

- Semi-finished products;

- Confectionery products;

- Medicines;

- Drinks.

The advantages of refrigerator containers:

Combining features of a freezer and a cold storage at a temperature range between 0° C and -25° C as well as a warm storage at a temperature range from 0° C to +25 ° C depending on the selected temperature mode;

Being at the same time both a means of storing goods and products and a vehicle for their transporting;

Load capacity up to 29 tonnes;

Area: 26 square meters;

Volume: 67 cubic meters;

While increasing or decreasing the volume of the freight, you get a possibility to pay only for the used area;

100 % maintaining of the required temperature in the total volume of the freight;

Mobility of storing – if you are not tied to one place;

You may rent a refrigerated container both in your own area and at our terminals.

Advantages of rental at our terminals:

Twenty-four-hour guarding;

Closed area, protected from unauthorized access;

Convenient location:

Usatovo railway station;

Akkarzha urban-type settlement;

Continuous monitoring of the temperature mode;

Twenty-four-hour access to the container;

In addition, the opportunity to order services for loading operations with a load-transfer device.


Advantages of rental in the customer’s area:

Complete free-of-charge service on the territory of Odessa;

Mobility: the capability to transport the refrigerated container in any site in Odessa, which is suitable for your task;


The price for one-month rental of a 40-foot refrigerated container is 500 USD VAT excluding VAT (value added tax).


About us: The Global Container Service Ltd. Company was founded after the rebranding of the Ukrainian "Refkholod" Company, which had worked from 2006 in the market of sales and service of refrigerated containers. We cooperate with all well-known companies – manufacturers of refrigeration equipment such as Carrier, ThermoKing, Daikin, and Starcool.

Дополнительная информация
О компании Global Сontainer Service

«Global container service» - лидирующая компания в сфере продаж и обслуживания рефрижераторных контейнеров в Украине. Наши специалисты проводят ремонтные работы любой сложности и обеспечивают клиентов полностью рабочим оборудованием от рефрижераторных контейнеров и запчастей до дополнительного оборудования от ведущих производителей Carrier, StarCool, Daikin и ThermoKing. Наша компания является официальным дилером в Украине компаний StarCool и Daikin . В нашей компании работают рефмеханики с опытом работы от 7 до 30 лет. Они проводят колоссальную работу, чтобы гарантировать клиентам бесперебойную эксплуатацию холодильного оборудования. Наша компания поставляет как новое, так и бывшее в употреблении оборудование. Все бывшее в употреблении оборудование, предлагаемое компанией «Global container service» предоставляется с минимальной наработкой часов.

Наша компания располагает терминалами в следующих областях Украины: Одесская, Киевская, Харьковская, Днепропетровская. На данных терминалах мы предоставляем услуги по ремонту и обслуживанию рефконтейнеров, услуги подключения рефконтейнеров, предоставляем рефконтейнеры в аренду. Так же, мы предоставляем рефконтейнеры в аренду на площадке под таможенным контролем. 

Обращаясь в компанию «Global container service», которая за 9 лет успешно себя зарекомендовала, вы получаете надежную продукцию и гарантию качества.


Компания «GCS» предоставляет договор купли продажи, таможенную декларацию, налоговую накладную, счет, расходную накладную, индивидуальную карту на рефконтейнер, таможенную декларацию и файл выгрузки PTI. Подробнее


Специалисты «GCS» проводят сервисное обслуживание предоставленного в аренду или проданного оборудования на высочайшем уровне. В нашей компании можно приобрести отдельные запчасти для рефрижераторных контейнеров и навесных дизельных генераторов: испарители, конденсаторы, компрессоры, датчики давления и другие. Подробнее о продаже и замене запчастей


У нас в наличие 20-футовые, 40-футовые рефрижераторные контейнеры от ведущих производителей Daikin, ThermoKing, Carrier и StarCool. Подробнее


Клиентам «GCS» предоставляется услуга по аренде рефконтейнеров с правом выкупа. Она решит проблему с транспортировкой и хранением грузов, требующих низкой температуры.Подробнее об аренде

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