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Аренда морского контейнера на  1 год Одесса
Dry container rent
Price on request
The container is a unique solution, thanks to which you can transport different goods. In addition, they can be used as a storage room. Not all of our clients can immediately make a purchase of a container, so we offer to rent them for transportation and storage of cargo / goods. Buying a container pays off only with constant use. If you use a container from time to time, renting will be a more profitable option.
Why is it profitable to rent a container at Global Container Service?
1. You do not have any need to control the technical condition of the cargo, as our specialists carry out regular maintenance of the container;
2. During the downtime, the safety of the container is ensured;
3. You have the opportunity to choose a container of the preferred capacity that best suits your product. This will save a lot.
If you really need a reliable warehouse that will be ideal for storing various tools, materials and other things, you should turn your attention to larger containers - metal boxes that are designed for storage and transportation. They are able to withstand heavy loads due to their unique, robust design. Their main features are fast moving with a crane and stacking thirty rows high. The company "Global container service" provides stability and strength of containers, guaranteeing one hundred percent safety of the cargo. In our company, customers can take new and used containers at affordable prices.
We have under delivery the most common containers types in Odessa and the Odessa region. They can be used both for transportation and storage of cargo, and as modular buildings, construction warehouses.