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Part selection

Global Container Service offers comprehensive maintenance for refrigeration equipment. Here you can buy a reefer container, as well as licensed (original) and used additional parts. Our refrigerating engineers use only certified equipment to guarantee flawless operation and durability and restored refrigerators.

GCS guarantees:

·        Best delivery timeframe

·        Reasonable prices

·        Wide range of various parts and elements to deal with numerous tasks

·        Certificates and up to 5-year warranty applicable to individual parts

·        Technical documents

·        Manuals with complete specifications and installation procedure

What parts can Global Container Service offer for Thermo King, Carrier, Daikin and StarCool refrigeration equipment?

·        Switches, valves, automatic breakers, coils and sensors

·        Controls, electronic units and microprocessor boards

·        Evaporators, fans, compressors, engines and condenser

As part of the maintenance GCS's experts can deliver and replace required consumables and parts. We have our own warehouse to keeps parts in. The experts can replace any parts no matter how difficult the procedure is. Some parts have up to 5-year warranty.

Global Container Service sell reefer parts which can last for a long time. Those include defrosting sensors, forcing valves, standing valves, selenoid electromagnetic valve, compressors and condensers manufactured by Thermo King, Carrier, Daikin and StarCool, impellers for fans, condensers and evaporators, multi-purpose and thermistor sensors, filters and impellers for condenser fans. 

To make an order please contact Pavel (Odessa) at +38063 101 28 28 or use our application form.