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Power-line Remote Monitoring Modem, RMM+

Real time container monitoring, control and tracking - anytime, anywhere

  • The RMM+ can be installed in all brands and types of reefer containers
  • The RMM+ is compatible with all brands and types of  ISO10368 High Data rate power-line remote monitoring systems
  • Features in-built GPRS/UMTS/Positioning module for land based monitoring/tracking

The RMM+ (Remote Monitoring Modem+) is the key component in power-line and GPRS/UMTS communication for monitoring and control of reefer containers.

The RMM+ combines industry standard ISO10368 communication with new wireless technologies for fast data transfer, long distance communication and tracking.

RMM+ benefits:

  • Full transparency in the cooling chain
  • Improved ultilization of container fleet
  • Minimize unexpected events such as container tampering, theft, diversion or holdups in transit


RMM+ benefits, RMM+ advantages
  • Reduced risk of potential cargo damage thanks to continuous automatic monitoring of your reefer containers
RMM+ benefits, RMM+ advantages
  • Reduction of operational cost due to less-time-consuming manual inspections
RMM+ benefits, RMM+ advantages
  • Improved safety of personnel
RMM+ benefits, RMM+ advantages
  • Improve cargo documentation handling processes
RMM+ benefits, RMM+ advantages
  • Optimization of reefer container operation with reduced risk of human errors
RMM+ benefits, RMM+ advantages
  • Energy savings due to always updated reefer controller software, which enables the reefer container to run the latest engergy efficient programs
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