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commercial proposal Renting of outside-mounted diesel generating sets

The Global container service ltd. Company was founded after the rebranding of the Ukrainian company "Refkholod", which had worked from 2006 in the market of sales and service of refrigerated containers. To date, we provide quality service for leading liner companies and are ready to offer Services to companies engaged in the transportation of temperature sensitive freight in refrigerated containers.



Renting of outside-mounted diesel generating sets
for refrigerated containers:

Free-of-charge installation and dismantling of a diesel generator on your refrigerated container;

Possibility of uninterrupted operation of the refrigerator container without refueling up to 167 hours;

Short-term rentals: 6 (six) days– 200 USD;

Long-term rental: 1 (one) month – 800 USD;

Possibility of remote tracking and monitoring of the diesel generating set.