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Встановлення трьох агрегатів

If you are the owner of a large business, you just need to purchase a refrigerator container that will ensure 100% safety of your goods or will serve as a warehouse. When transporting thermal loads, a 40-foot refrigerator container is also indispensable. Global Container Service is an expert in the field of refrigeration equipment sales, but does not stop there.
GCS specialists install from 1 to 6 refrigeration units for faster freezing of meat, fish and dairy products. The container body consists of polyurethane foam sandwich panels and a supporting frame. The outer coating consists of a duralumin sheet 2.0 mm thick. During installation, for an additional refrigeration unit, a hole is cut out in the wall of the refrigerator and an additional unit is installed. It is possible to mount from two to four refrigeration units. Your cargo will be stored in safe conditions.
It should be noted that the floor of the refrigerator container is made of a T-shaped profile of high strength aluminum. It is calculated on the processing of goods by a standard warehouse forklift. With additional refrigeration units, the air flow is supplied from different points, which provides accelerated freezing. Cold passes at floor level and then rises along the T-shaped profile of the floor. As a result, it rises to the ceiling along the doors and circulates throughout the space, returning to the refrigeration units. When the air stream circulates, the internal volume of the refrigerator container forms a small humidity, due to which the set temperature mode is maintained.
Thanks to the electronic control unit, the following modes can be installed on additional units:
· Humidity and temperature inside refrigerated equipment;
· Monitor the operation of all refrigeration units, as well as record any malfunctions and malfunctions in their work;
· Set the defrost cycle inside the refrigerator.
After installation of three refrigeration units, R-134a freon is refilled. The specialists of the Global Container Service company not only install additional refrigeration units, but also conduct complete diagnostics. Its confirmation is the PTI upload file.
If you want to enhance the quality of freezing, you can purchase a refrigerator container with three units on order by calling the number listed on the website. You can also contact the Global Container Service managers by filling out the form on our website.
It is believed that the first container was invented by the American Malcolm Macklin. Thousands of companies around the world have been using his invention since 1956. Our company specialists decided to improve the old technology and implemented three refrigeration units in one refrigerator container. This ensures the safety of cargo during transportation.

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