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Холодильная установка марки Thermo King MAGNUM®

Новий агрегат рефконтейнера Thermoking MAGNUM®

Артикул: agr-tk-mg-0003
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MAGNUM® / MAGNUM PLUS® Through years of field experience, Thermo King’s MAGNUM® and MAGNUM PLUS® line of container refrigeration units have become the industry standard. Utilizing advanced technology and extensive research & development, the technology has raised the bar for efficiency, performance, operability and reliability. Highest efficiency in the industryLowest environmental impactLightest weightMost advanced technologySimplest designLowest box temperature set-pointFastest pull-downMost homogeneous floor spreadTightest temperature controlMAGNUM®Introduced in 2002, the MAGNUM® container unit introduced many ‘firsts’ to the marine container industry. It was the first reefer to avoid using hot gas modulation, ‘changing the game’ of precise temperature control. It was the first reefer to feature flame-sprayed aluminum coating on the compressor casing, taking corrosion protection to a new level in unforgiving sea transport. It also proved the efficiency of digital scroll compressor technology – fewer moving parts, increased reliability, faster pull-down, and the ability to reach never-before-seen low transport temperatures (-35 degrees Celsius) when utilized with the global transport industry standard R-404A refrigerant. MAGNUM PLUS®MAGNUM PLUS® was introduced in 2009, offering the MP-4000 controller, a quantum leap for the industry. With unheard of processing power, along with the replacement of electro-mechanical relays with solid-state electronic components, the MP-4000 is a key reason why the MAGNUM PLUS® is a class leader.
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