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Container storage and terminal services

Global Container Service offers terminal services and storage of any types of containers. So what can we offer?

• Good cooperation terms

• Storage of empty and loaded containers

• Timely accomplishment of cargo handling

• Terminal services and loading of contents

• Assistance in delivery within the best time

Any customer may order Global Container Service's storage of dry cargo, multi-purpose, refrigeration and other containers. The terminal's site is under 24/7 security and video surveillance. Our experts can connect the refrigeration equipment to the mains to see if it works. In addition we can do all handling operations within the terminal's site either manually or using machines.

We can lease out refrigeration equipment or appropriate components anywhere within Ukraine. Any customer who comes to Global Container Service to order terminal services will enter into a contract and receive the official document. When the contract is signed our managers will help you arrange delivery to any place within Ukraine. It is worth to mention that container storage service can save you quite a lot of money. You can also rent tested refrigeration plants manufactured in 1998 or later. Abslutely all plants can maintain the minimum temperature (-25 °C), desired humidity, and certain defrosting cycle. Thus, we can monitor the whole refrigerator. Refrigeration plants are powered by a three-phase network. The voltage is 360/469 V. The power consumed is approximately 3 to 4.8 kW per hour and depends on the selected temperature scenario.

R-134А freon shall be used to ensure absolute operability of any refrigeration plant. We can offer both used and brand-new reefer container parts.