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A reefer can be used either as a mobile refrigerator or a container for transportation of temperature-sensitive shipments. Even though refers are reliable and efficient, they are not safe from force majeure events like damages and accidents which might take place on the way. This is where we really need to do some tests in order to find out what caused the failure and how to remedy it.

GCS's experts can solve any of your problems! We cooperate with leading manufacturers of reefer containers like Thermoking, Carrirer, Daikin and StarCool. As soon as all tests are done and all units are checked, refrigerating engineers of Global Container Service can replace any refrigeration plant or part.

These tests of your refrigeration equipment is only 50% of the solution. Afterwards, we provide a PTI upload file to guarantee 100% operability of all units or specify the equipment's flaws.

Please request help only at qualified companies which can quickly reveal the system's flaws. One of these companies is Global Container Service. We have more than 6 years of experience in vigorous sales and maintenance of reefer containers. Our technicians and refrigerating engineers doing the tests and repairs have 7 to 30 years of experience.