More then 100 reefer containers at our terminal , spare parts for any manufactured reefer in stock and by order.

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Контактор (12 amp) 10-00431-06 Смотреть
CONTACTOR (30 AMP) 1-C-10-00431-12 Смотреть
SENSOR; HUMIDITY W/BRACKET 1-C-12-00686-01SV Смотреть
HEATER;750W (230V) 1-C-24-66603-00 Смотреть
HEATER;750W (460V) 1-C-24-66604-00 Смотреть
MODULE; DISPLAY 1-C-12-00433-00RB Смотреть
HEAD;SHAVED 1-C-17-21040-00 Смотреть
HEAD;CYL (CENTER) 1-C-17-40016-01 Смотреть
COIL;SOLENOID (24V) 1-C-14-01091-04 Смотреть
DIGITAL UNLOADER VALVE 1-C-14-00361-00 Смотреть
VALVE;TXV 1-C-14-00273-11 Смотреть
PISTON/MOTOR ASSY; STEPPER VLV 1-C-14-00353-20 Смотреть
KIT; SSV VALVE REPAIR 1-C-14-50045-00 Смотреть
COIL; SOLENOID VALVE SMV 1-C-14-50021-02 Смотреть
TRANSFORMER(THINLINE ML3) 1-C-10-00439-02 Смотреть
UPPER VPS SENSOR REPLACEMENT/Датчик положения вентиляции 1-C-76-66615-00 Смотреть
KIT;TERM BLOCK WIRNG;460V/Клемники компрессора 1-C-76-00355-00 Смотреть
MICRO;ML3;Контроллер Microlink3 1-C-12-55008 Смотреть
Двигатель конденсатора 54-00586-20 Смотреть
06DR-CONT COMPRESSOR;460 VOLT 1-C-18-00055-20RM2 Смотреть
PRINTED CIRCUIT ASSY 1-D-2058120 Смотреть
PRINTED CIRCUIT ASSY 1-D-2161381 Смотреть
PRINTED CIRCUIT (CONTROL) 1-D-2139904 Смотреть
CONTROLLERASS'Y 1-D-2179337 Смотреть
FAN MOTOR 700W (3) 1-D-1602656 Смотреть
FAN MOTOR (3) 400W/670W 1-D-0954936 Смотреть
COIL. MOTORIZED VALVE 1-D-0954619 Смотреть
FUSIBLE PLUG 1-D-1498035 Смотреть
COIL. SOLENOID VALVE 1-D-095528J Смотреть
BODY; MOTORIZED VALVE 1-D-1890547 Смотреть
PRESSURE SENSOR/HP 1-D-158795J Смотреть
BODY. SOLENOID VALVE 1-D-0088738 Смотреть
COIL; MOTORIZED VALVE 1-D-1890819 Смотреть
EMERGENCY CAP 1-D-108026J Смотреть
SOLENOID VALVE 1-D-1787247 Смотреть
HIGH PRESSURE SWITCH 1-D-1241378 Смотреть
PRESSURE SENSOR/LP 1-D-158794J Смотреть
SENSOR/EIS 1-D-156282J Смотреть
THERMAL SENSOR. DIS. PIPE 1-D-098332J Смотреть
MAGNETIC CONTACTOR 1-D-2125626 Смотреть
COIL; MOTORIZED VALVE 1-D-1890833 Смотреть
PRINTED CIRCUIT 1-D-1775484 Смотреть
COIL SMV 1-D-1270390 Смотреть
BODY. MOTORIZED VALVE 1-D-125649J Смотреть
Датчик температуры груза NTC 2.5 мм 15 метров sensor 3 pin Смотреть


Reefer container parts

Our company, Global Container Service, has reliable refrigeration plants. We focus on refrigeration equipment and offer our customers a variety of spare parts and components for reefer containers' refrigeration plants manufactured by leading companies like ThermoKing, Carrier, Daikin and StarCool, who have already shown good results in the market. Global Container Service offers both consumables and spare parts for reefer containers of all types and brands.

So, what do we offer?

• Electronic control units

• Fans

• Compressors

• Condensers

• Temperature and pressure sensors

• Evaporators

• Compressor freon

• Compressor oil

It is worth to mention that that is only a part of what Global Container Service can offer. We also provide our customers with multi-purpose and original spare parts for refrigeration equipment made by Carrier, ThermoKing, Daikin StarCool, brand-new and refurbished compressors, freon for Carrier and Thermoking refrigeration plants, and control units. We supply both used and brand-new parts for reefer containers with different specifications. In addition, we have some remanufactured compressors (i.e. refurbished by manufacturers with all key elements replaced). 

If you cannot find the part you need on the website using the spare part selection system, you can either ask our service manager for help or use the spare part request form.

We look forward to cooperate with maintenance people. Please use the number specified on our web-site to contact us. Global Container Service has been engaged in maintenance and sales of reefer containers since 2006. Spare parts are delivered individually by means most convenient for our customers.