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More then 100 reefer containers at our terminal , spare parts for any manufactured reefer in stock and by order.


RMM+ has been devised to track reefer containers. It utilizes equipment able to transmit distant signals. If you don't have a chance to use a local surveillance system, you should try our RMM+ service. The modem will transmit the data about your reefer container through GPRS/UMTS to make you aware of all emergencies and accidents. You will receive instant messages on all failures through the global monitoring service.

RMM+ can transmit all data covering a certain timeframe. The data are gathered by LogMan II device. And the software is updated regularly through the Bluetooth interface.

The software used by monitoring modems installed on reefers is regularly updated. It can change the temperature scenario, launch the defrosting process or start the PTI test.

RMM+ makes the process absolutely transparent, mitigates all cargo damage risks, improves condensed water recovery and lowers maintenance costs.