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More then 100 reefer containers at our terminal , spare parts for any manufactured reefer in stock and by order.

GenSet diesel generating sets

A reefer container used for storage and not connected to the mains can operate independently if you have a diesel generating set. A running generator can power the refrigeration plant which in its turn builds up and maintains the required temperature within the container. A diesel generating set can also maintain uninterrupted power supply when shipments are delivered, so that they transportation can last longer.

GenSet diesel generating sets manufactured by Carrier and ThermoKing are necessary to guarantee successful reefer transportation irrespective of dimensions and distance. At the stage of delivery a diesel generating set maintains uninterrupted power supply. If you buy or rent a reefer container you can store you products at low temperature levels and transport them during long time periods. Global Container Service can lease you a diesel generating set. Minimum period: 5 days. The rent costs UAH 325 per day. Any extension of the lease period will be priced individually.